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Do you want more people to 'like' you on facebook? Contest series...

Part 2 of 4: The first contest we’d like to share is TRIVIA. (Again, be sure to check the latest rules and regulations on facebook via this link: This is easy and will drive people to your website to research the answer.

TRIVIA How: First to comment with the correct answer wins. Why: Increase activity, keep consumers checking back to see if they’ve missed a contest.  Drive people to your website or explore your page further. Increase knowledge of your brand/product/service. Advantage: This type of contest targets your market to those interested in your brand. Tips: Send out ‘reminder posts’ announcing upcoming contest & to check back often. Use prizes from your brand if possible or related. Give away, no discount (at least during the beginning). Explain contest clearly so no room for confusion. Examples: Want to win a $40 whole foods giftcard?  Be the first to answer this ?  Where did Shh owner Beth Smith study nutrition? = answer “Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York”

Want another way to drive people to your website? Hide something and the first to find it wins. Sort of like a “Where’s Waldo”, but use your product “Where’s _____” Hide a picture of your item and the first to post where exactly it was wins.  Hide it well and seekers will explore many pages of your web learning and looking.