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Claim your LinkedIn url

LIurlHave you ever wondered why some of your LinkedIn contacts have their own url name and yours has numbers and characters?  In just a few steps you can claim your custom url.  Not only will you look more professional, but you will increase your visibility and personal branding. You will also have an address that is much easier to remember (and for others to find you). Here's how:

  • Log into your LinkedIn account and click on "edit profile".
  • Underneath your profile picture you will see a address.  Click "edit" next to this.
  • On the next screen look in the upper right corner for 'Your public profile URL' and select "Customize your public profile url".
  • Write your name without spaces. If your name is taken already try a variation such as your middle initial or full name.

You'll notice right next to the 'customize url' option that you can grab a badge. Follow the instructions and you will be able to add a button to your e-mail, newsletter, blog, website, etc.

Hope this tip helps.