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Facebook removes 'likes' from pages, and you need not worry.

There is another facebook misconception being shared across the network claiming that inactive 'likes' will be removed from your pages. Many are interpreting this to be that if a 'fan' has not interacted with your page that they will automatically 'unlike' your page.  This is not correct.  

What is true?  Facebook will be removing some 'likes' from your page.  These are 'memorialized and voluntarily deactivated accounts.  'Memorialized' are those people who have died and loved ones are now using their account as a memorial to the person.  The person does not exist therefore will not be an active like to your page anyway. The other type of 'deactivated accounts' are those users who have decided to quit facebook.  Facebook turns your account to deactivated in hopes that you will return and when you choose to your content will still be there. Once these individuals reactivate their account the like will reappear. 

I always advise business owners to not get hooked on the quantity of 'likes', but that the quality is most important. Your likes should include your target audience. If someone dies they are obviously no longer a target customer.  Those that deactivate will be reunited with your page (if) once they return to facebook. 

Page owners will not see a huge dip in their facebook page likes. The removals are scheduled to occur over the next few weeks.  It’s important to remember, though, that these removed likes represent people who were already inactive on Facebook.



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