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Instagram for Business - Connecting you to your target audience.

With over 1 million users in just two months and over 150 million users currently this free photo sharing platform is capturing moments across the world.   Increase your business' visibility and  connect with your target audience.  Start your free Instagram account at

After creating your account be sure to follow other businesses and get comfortable with the platform. You should also subscribe to the Instagram for Business Blog for inspiration.  Remember that people (your target audience) needs to connect with your business.  Don't take a few photos of your products and think that's it. You should be creative with your images. Here are a few tips to get you started.

  1. Create your profile by completing all of the fields offered.  Use your keywords, mission, profile images, etc.
  2. Use the Instagram tools, like filters, hashtags and your keywords. Add a description to capture attention. (content, content, content)
  3. Show your team and the people behind your business. (Have an office pet or mascot? Photo often if so - furry friends are popular)
  4. Share some history. How was it made? What inspired you? How did your business evolve? Thank those who inspired.
  5. You don't need a professional photographer to showcase your products. Share images of your product in use. Perhaps share results or benefits from using your product or service.
  6. Share any community events, sponsorships and other activities your team/company participates in.
  7. Follow trends and participate.
  8. Cross promote your Instagram across other platforms.
  9. Embed your Instagram photos into your website.
  10. Respond to comments.

The team at We are Social Media put together a terrific infograph timeline of the history of Instagram.

Integrating Instagram into your facebook business page and website.

Most savvy internet users know that using images increases activity. We live in a visual world and our eyes stop with photographs to take it in. While there are many social sharing photography applications out there we'd like to share one of our favorites. Instagram.  Many are integrating this app into their personal profiles, but how can a business use? We will share two ways to integrate Instagram into your business. 1. ) Integrate on your website by embedding code. was an easy site to extract html code for our business instagram account.  We were able to  easily  put this code into our Square Space website (currently in development.) We have a scrolling bar of the latest photographs and even downloaded a camera icon for fans to follow us on Instagram. (we hope to launch our new website soon so you can check it out. We've placed it on the 'about' page.)


2.) Integrate into your Facebook Business Page. To do this.. type "Instagram feed for Pages" into the facebook search bar and follow instructions.  You will now have a tab on your page with "Instagram". When clicked you will see the latest photos in your Instagram account and there will be a "follow us on Instagram" button so fans can easily start following your Instagram account. While this is great for those who visit your page and browse what you are about, how about those who only see your posts in their newsfeed? We will now share how to  share your instagram photos on your Facebook Page Wall -- From your business Instagram account, click on your profile (tool gear) and then select "Share Settings" and then where the default facebook "share to timeline" is, click on it.  You will then be given the option to share on a page that you are admin for. If you've already linked to your facebook personal timeline you will need to unlink and go back to the steps above. Here is Instagram help on this topic. - We had a personal timeline chosen initially. To remove go into Apps on your facebook personal profile, chose 'account settings' then 'apps' and removed Instagram. Go back to Instgram on  your mobile device and click 'Share', 'Facebook'. Review terms and agree. You will notice , 'timeline' as top choice then the pages you are an approved admin for underneath. Simply click the page you want to integrate and start posting away.

One other detail under facebook sharing is to share 'likes' on timeline. If you want to share other Instagram photographs on your timeline automatically then select "share likes to timeline", otherwise turn off this feature.

So, snap away photographs for your business and post, with ease, into your website and business facebook page.  Comment below your favorite photography app for business or other ways to feature your photographs.