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Blogging for SEO: Creating a Keyword Rich Title

If you want your blog to come up in search engine results you'll need to pay close attention to writing a keyword rich title to get noticed.  

  • Think like your audience. What keywords will they search for to find your blog? Put those words at the front of your title. "Designer Handbags: What's trending this summer?"  Research keyords in your industry with a tool such as  google adwords or Keyword Tool
  • Notice the key words are at the beginning of the title. This isn't by chance. As search engines scan new content they look at the beginning of sentences.  
  • Ask a question or offer a solution.  Your target audience is often searching for answers, solutions or advice on a topic.  "Tooth Grinding: 7 ways to stop grinding your teeth."  People love the quick solutions and offering 7 steps or 6 ways, etc. is always popular. 
  • Use the colon for added search benefit. Notice in our above examples we lead with the category or topic and then use another set of keywords which offers more details about our article. 
  • Many blogs convert this title automatically into the blog/page title. This is terrific for SEO. The page title is one of the most important places you can control in SEO. Make sure your page name has your keywords. 

What not to do to get your brand/event noticed.

This is a big pet peeve of mine and I see it again and again. Have you ever been in a discussion online and all of a sudden someone posts a link to their blog with totally unrelated content? 

These people think they are oh so savvy by finding where their target audience is hanging out. They don't care what you all are talking about, but they know you are there. They simply post a link to their website/event/blog and may even say a few words with it.  The funny thing is they actually think they are smart and are so arrogant that they think you will like it.  Would you burst into a room full of people discussing say leadership and scream "I sell ______, read my article it's great and call me". Do they really think people would enjoy this interruption and stop everything to click or read their annoying post?

Please stop if you are doing this or help me understand what mindset they may have to think this is a wise move? Comment below with your pet peeve on social media or online marketing?

Facebook Page owners need to change their strategy in 2015.

Here we go again…more changes to facebook coming soon.  These changes will make business owners change the way they interact on facebook. (Well, for some anyway.- Successful pages know what their customers like and engage with them through stories and meaningful images.)

I’m a glass half full kind of gal. While change is always hard (and we know facebook likes to change lots) this change is for the people who use facebook.  These facebook users are otherwise known as your target audience. We want to keep your target market happy don’t we? Well, facebook surveyed and found people feel like they are seeing too many promotional type posts.  Think of it this way - Imagine you have a shop and your customer walks in. Do you start holding up items and telling him/her the price? Let’s hope not. You probably hold up an item or share a story about an item they are looking at. You share how they can benefit from that item, you may ask questions or share another customers success with that item or why you added it to your shop. Imagine facebook posts in the same manner. Simply imagine these customers are in your shop and you are engaging in a conversation with them. It may take some getting used to, but you’ll get the hang of it.

Here is what people don’t like: (link below for full article)

  1. Posts that solely push people to buy a product or install an app
  2. Posts that push people to enter promotions and sweepstakes with no real context
  3. Posts that reuse the exact same content from ads

So change your marketing strategy and give your customers what they want. Show the story behind your business, products and services.  Instead of posting sales, products, services etc. share the stories behind the items. How have they impacted your customer? Where did you get the idea from? Ask how they would use this item or why they like it.  Share photographs. People are visual and have very short attention spans. Photographs can say so much and grab their attention. Show the personal side of your business and your team. 

Now you  may be wondering what will happen if you continue to post promotional/sales type of posts? Facebook isn’t going to delete you, but you will notice far less engagement. They will hold back from pushing your content out to newsfeeds. Look at what you post and then analyze the results by looking at the numbers. Experiment with this. Post your typical way and then try changing it around.  Facebook is still a terrific tool to engage your target market, simply change your strategy and make it work for you. Be sure and post relevant content your target market would find useful. You’ll facebook page will benefit from it and before you know it you’ll have more customers. 

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Helpful links:

Google Reviews from a Mobile device


We just posted a blog (and video) on how to support your favorite businesses with a google+ review. What we left out was how to make a review from your mobile device.  It works TOTALLY different from your mobile device. (but, good news - it's easy)

  1. Open Google Maps. (make sure you are signed in.  If you have used maps or gmail then you are probably already signed in.)
  2. Search for the business you want to review. (check that it's the correct address. We've noticed some businesses have multiple map listings if they've moved.
  3. Scroll down and you will see the 5 stars and a place to add comments.
  4. 'Publish' and you are done.

It's simple. Though confusing that you can't do this from the Google+ app.  Either's easy to support your favorite businesses from your mobile device too.  It will come from your personal account, unless you are signed in as your business.  

Here's the link for posting reviews from your desktop

Here's a link to set up a Google+ account business or personal.

We love helping local businesses grow and hope you found this helpful. Check our other blog articles for many more tips, tricks and how to get noticed online. If you need help managing your social accounts give us a call at 317.679.2862 or email





Instagram for Business - Connecting you to your target audience.

With over 1 million users in just two months and over 150 million users currently this free photo sharing platform is capturing moments across the world.   Increase your business' visibility and  connect with your target audience.  Start your free Instagram account at

After creating your account be sure to follow other businesses and get comfortable with the platform. You should also subscribe to the Instagram for Business Blog for inspiration.  Remember that people (your target audience) needs to connect with your business.  Don't take a few photos of your products and think that's it. You should be creative with your images. Here are a few tips to get you started.

  1. Create your profile by completing all of the fields offered.  Use your keywords, mission, profile images, etc.
  2. Use the Instagram tools, like filters, hashtags and your keywords. Add a description to capture attention. (content, content, content)
  3. Show your team and the people behind your business. (Have an office pet or mascot? Photo often if so - furry friends are popular)
  4. Share some history. How was it made? What inspired you? How did your business evolve? Thank those who inspired.
  5. You don't need a professional photographer to showcase your products. Share images of your product in use. Perhaps share results or benefits from using your product or service.
  6. Share any community events, sponsorships and other activities your team/company participates in.
  7. Follow trends and participate.
  8. Cross promote your Instagram across other platforms.
  9. Embed your Instagram photos into your website.
  10. Respond to comments.

The team at We are Social Media put together a terrific infograph timeline of the history of Instagram.

Facebook Tests 5 Star Ratings

Facebook is testing a new Page feature and displaying stars front and center on Business Pages.  You may have seen it on some of your favorite pages.  Not all facebook users can see this feature and not all pages have stars prominently featured on their page. Who knows the test may not launch fully, but in the meantime Page owners are taking notice. facebook tests 5 star ratings

What we do ‘like’ is that this could be an advantage for small and locally owned businesses. Since many locally owned businesses lack a huge number of likes, this gives visitors an opportunity to see ratings prominently rather than judge by # of fans.  Local and smaller businesses often struggle with increasing ‘likes’.  Small budgets for facebook ad’s, contest apps and marketing dollars to promote their page and increase likes.  We advise our clients to put the focus on their target market and 'real' ‘likes’ and less worry about the number.  Our page and our clients pages have real people that genuinely like our page (and our business). Many have shopped or bought products and services from or plan to.  With a ratings system this may minimize the battle of wanting a higher number over quality followers.  Don't get me wrong...we strive to increase 'likes' and  connect with potential (and current) customers, but it's not our main focus - quality connections over quantity.

What we don’t like is the automatic 3.5 star rating given by facebook when in fact a page has no recommendations yet.  One of our clients has one star rating of 5, yet facebook shows only 4 prominently featured. Another has four 5 star ratings and a 3.5 star featured listing. The star rating should be an actual star rating based on real page recommendations and not randomly given by facebook.  Perhaps this is a glitch in their test and will be fixed. We sure hope so! 

A few other lingering thoughts on the new ratings feature...

  • Will admins be able to ‘hide’ reviews they don’t like once this star rating goes live on all pages? Currently admins can ‘hide’ a non favorable review.
  • Will facebook allow “Reply to” each review and rating?  Owners should be able to thank or defend themselves. It would also be nice if fans could reply to reviews as well. Even the best businesses have an occasional hater out there that keeps posting. Which leads me to my final question...
  • Currently page admins can ‘block’ someone from participating with their page. This is great for disgruntled employees and that ever nagging hater that won’t forgive and move on, or people that haven't even used your products and grumble for odd reasons.   (Two, of our clients, have a few haters that dislike a radio station my clients  advertising on. Will their bad reviews affect the rating even though they've never used these clients products or services?   Will these ‘blocked’ people be removed along with their review? Does this skew results if so?

While we wait and see what Facebook does with the new Ratings test you can do something.   Ask your customers to support your business by making a recommendation on facebook. Also, don’t forget to support your favorite pages by recommending. Don't spend too much time as this could pass in an instant.

It's not too late! 10 ideas for your business to participate in Earth Day!

Earth day 2013 Want to improve your office morale and help the environment? Today is Earth Day. ( So, you may not have planned an activity, but you too can participate. Here are a few last minute ideas you can work on today!

  1. Buy energy efficient light bulbs and work together to replace.
  2. Not recycling at the office? Buy containers and start a program.
  3. Already recycling? Make it even easier and put a small recycling can at each desk.
  4. Team up with a local charity to donate gently used office attire. Help others get a job!
  5. Start a carpool sign up
  6. Throw out the foam coffee cups and buy real/washable mugs. Better yet, call a promo company and order travel mugs with your logo for the team.
  7. Make sure your office products are made from recycled products. While you are at it, check with your cleaning company to ensure they use environmentally friendly products.
  8. Offer a challenge to be paper free for the day. Winners get prize ( bus pass, reusable lunch containers, recyle can, mug, etc.)
  9. Old computers, cell phones or office equipment sitting around? DONATE! (tips for donating computers: Many stores have drop zones (such as Best Buy).
  10. Create a book/dvd shelf for office trades.

No excuses. You can easily implement one or more of the above painlessly. Use Earth Day as your launching inspiration for year round programs. Not only will the environment thank you, but you will boost office morale as well.

Win, win.

Share your Earth Day ideas?