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How to navigate in Twitter for business

While putting together a cheat sheet for a client on twitter I decided to share on my blog.  Twitter can be a bit foreign to many until you get used to it. Let's start with why you should use twitter. 1.) Manage your reputation.  There may be others talking about you and you don't even know it.  I had a client once (restaurant owner) that had many talking about his new place and how to find him. Luckily it was all good.  Had he been aware he could have thanked those who were singing his praises, or added their favorite items to upcoming specials. Many aren't so lucky and customer service issues may not have been resolved.  Consumers have a voice today that is much larger than years past. If someone receives bad service they want to tell everyone about it and you  might not even know it unless you check what they are saying. Your response to good and bad statements speaks volumes about you and your business.  2.) Branding - Get your name out there. Use Twitter as your own PR hound and get news out there. You can brand your twitter profile with custom backgrounds and links to your web, etc. Use your voice to engage with your followers and connect with them on a personal level. 3.) Listening is key on twitter. Find out what your prospects want, need or challenges they've had. You also need to listen to what your competitors are doing. Remember twitter is in Real time; those listening and reacting in the moment are more successful. Remember recently when the lights went out at Superbowl...Oreo was quick to react and  tweeted something along the lines of ' You can still dunk in the dark" earning 10,000 retweets in one hour.  Their quick response made news headlines the next day and all over the internet, not just twitter. Click here for full article from Ad Age:

Check back soon for more specific how to's in twitter.

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