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Is Gmail hiding your email from subscribers?

I’ve recently been asked about Gmail folders “Tabs” and how they effect email marketing.  For those of you who don’t know Gmail created tabs that automatically file or sort your mail into 3 folders:  “Primary/Inbox”, “promotional” and “social”. (This happened in May of 2013)  Many have feared their subscribers will not receive their mail unless they look for it in the “promotions” tab. 

How does this impact your email marketing?  Those subscribers who read their gmail, from their desktop, without a mail server such as Outlook or Mac Mail, may not see your message in their inbox.  (This averages to about 4% of your database.)  Keep in mind this does not effect those who read their email from their mobile devices.

Our gals want you customers to get your mail and put together some tips to reduce your mail from ending up in spam filters. We also put together a short video showing you how Gmail folders work and how your customers can move your mail to their primary inbox.

Here are some tips to avoid Spam filers: 

What you shouldn’t include in your email:

  • Avoid CAPITALS in subject line of your email and throughout the content of your email.
  • Avoid over punctuation!!! 
  • Avoid overuse of special characters $%@
  • Avoid specific words/phrases such as “free”,  “guarantee”,  “limited offer”, “click here” 
  • Education words such as “Master(s)”, “degree”, “earn” , etc. or adult content words (you can guess those.)
  • Don’t add people to your list without permission.

What you should do:

  • Send people email they want. They subscribed to your list and are interested in hearing from you. Be sure to send subscribers what they signed up for. 
  • Use the “spam check” button. (We are avid Constant Contact supporters and know this feature is easily used, your program should have a ‘spam check’ also.)
  • Ask your subscribers to add your ‘from’ email address into their contacts list. 
  • Run reports and compare open rates from those with gmail and those without. You may even decide to separate your gmail subscribers into a different list and view the results. 
  • Use a reputable email marketing tool like Constant Contact. 

We created this YouTube video to show you how the gmail folders work and how your subscribers can move your emails from their "promotions" folder into their main "inbox".

Here are some great articles we sourced a few of these findings: