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Blogging for SEO: Creating a Keyword Rich Title

If you want your blog to come up in search engine results you'll need to pay close attention to writing a keyword rich title to get noticed.  

  • Think like your audience. What keywords will they search for to find your blog? Put those words at the front of your title. "Designer Handbags: What's trending this summer?"  Research keyords in your industry with a tool such as  google adwords or Keyword Tool
  • Notice the key words are at the beginning of the title. This isn't by chance. As search engines scan new content they look at the beginning of sentences.  
  • Ask a question or offer a solution.  Your target audience is often searching for answers, solutions or advice on a topic.  "Tooth Grinding: 7 ways to stop grinding your teeth."  People love the quick solutions and offering 7 steps or 6 ways, etc. is always popular. 
  • Use the colon for added search benefit. Notice in our above examples we lead with the category or topic and then use another set of keywords which offers more details about our article. 
  • Many blogs convert this title automatically into the blog/page title. This is terrific for SEO. The page title is one of the most important places you can control in SEO. Make sure your page name has your keywords.