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Landing Page Woe's

When facebook converted toImage Timeline many things changed. The biggest complaint I hear is “what happened to my Landing page?”.  Prior to Timeline pages allowed visitors to land where you directed them. Typically page owners used Landing pages that looked very much like a website - custom images, colors and most importantly a ‘Like gate’ or ‘fan gate’.  This key ‘gate’ increased your ‘likes’ as fans were required to ‘like’ your page prior to entry. Usually they were enticed to do so with a coupon, unique content or chance to win a prize. With the new Timeline you can still have a landing page (you can even have a fan or like gate), but they just work a bit different. While you won’t find an option, in settings, to make a default landing page you can still utilize the tab section for landing pages.  These tabs have a unique url that you can use on your website, blog, QR codes, etc.  You use your landing page url as the link, and people will land here first )same as the ‘olden days - pre Timeline’).

What the new tabs (where your landing page is located) won’t do -  New visitors will not land there first. When a new visitor first finds your page they will land on your wall.  They will still see the “Like” button and be able to opt in. Take advantage of your Timeline Photo to show your company personality, announce a contest, etc.  You can also use your wall to highlight activity and bring it to the top - put your landing page here or announce your contest, unique content, etc. here. Image One thing you'll need to take advantage of 'tabs' is an application. Search via facebook online or on the web and you'll find many applications to add 'tab's to personalize your page. Some are free, others have fees.  Image

In summary landing pages are still available, just with a new twist. Be creative and make it work for you!

Tips on running a contest - Part 4 of 4 in our contest series

Part 4 of 4: We’re rounding off our contest series with one final posting.  Bonus tips on running a contest. OVERALL TIPS:

  • Announce contest coming soon. Anticipation will keep your folks coming back to check it out. They might even tell some friends to keep a look out for your contest.
  • Cross Promote it other places (TWITTER, WEB, LINKED IN, Store Front, ETC.)
  • Advertise (facebook makes sense-low cost/targeted demographic)
  • Announce progress (time remaining, who is leading, etc.)
  • Announce Winner, thank fans and advise them to check often as you will run another contest in the near future.
  • Don’t argue with someone regarding winner. Make your contest clear and easy. If in doubt give two prizes to avoid conflict and bad press.
  • Abide by facebook rules and regulations.
  • Make your prizes appealing. Use your products or services when possible.
  • Give winner a choice in two prizes. Example: If HVAC? how often will they need to clean the system? Perhaps they just had it done. Offer a giftcard instead.
  • *Fan gate changes game -Timeline changes removed landing page, but various applications work the same. Be sure and use an app that has a fan “like” gate. You can see stat's on your contestants and even block some (employee's, etc.)
  • Use advertisement, on facebook, to announce contest increases likes when ad is clicked it turns into a page like.

Other contest ideas:

  • Photo contest - Ask fans to post photo -most likes wins. Plus how great to post someone using your product/service!
  • Where are we? -post photo of your mascot/logo/something and ask fans to guess where you are.
  • Ask fans to offer tip or their favorite Quote. The fan’s tip/quote with most comments and “likes” wins.
  • Guess that celebrity. for a dentist we post the smile only and ask to guess who it is.
  • Like Incentive - Not sure I like this one but see it often. When we reach ___#____ Likes we’ll offer _______.  Are people really that eager to help your likes grow? I guess if the offer is incentive enough they would.  I see it often, don’t use myself, but thought I’d offer it up.

In summary, every business is unique, and different approaches will work well for others.  I’d love to hear your comments. What have you tried in the past? Or, have you participated in a contest that caught your attention?