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Integrating Instagram into your facebook business page and website.

Most savvy internet users know that using images increases activity. We live in a visual world and our eyes stop with photographs to take it in. While there are many social sharing photography applications out there we'd like to share one of our favorites. Instagram.  Many are integrating this app into their personal profiles, but how can a business use? We will share two ways to integrate Instagram into your business. 1. ) Integrate on your website by embedding code. was an easy site to extract html code for our business instagram account.  We were able to  easily  put this code into our Square Space website (currently in development.) We have a scrolling bar of the latest photographs and even downloaded a camera icon for fans to follow us on Instagram. (we hope to launch our new website soon so you can check it out. We've placed it on the 'about' page.)


2.) Integrate into your Facebook Business Page. To do this.. type "Instagram feed for Pages" into the facebook search bar and follow instructions.  You will now have a tab on your page with "Instagram". When clicked you will see the latest photos in your Instagram account and there will be a "follow us on Instagram" button so fans can easily start following your Instagram account. While this is great for those who visit your page and browse what you are about, how about those who only see your posts in their newsfeed? We will now share how to  share your instagram photos on your Facebook Page Wall -- From your business Instagram account, click on your profile (tool gear) and then select "Share Settings" and then where the default facebook "share to timeline" is, click on it.  You will then be given the option to share on a page that you are admin for. If you've already linked to your facebook personal timeline you will need to unlink and go back to the steps above. Here is Instagram help on this topic. - We had a personal timeline chosen initially. To remove go into Apps on your facebook personal profile, chose 'account settings' then 'apps' and removed Instagram. Go back to Instgram on  your mobile device and click 'Share', 'Facebook'. Review terms and agree. You will notice , 'timeline' as top choice then the pages you are an approved admin for underneath. Simply click the page you want to integrate and start posting away.

One other detail under facebook sharing is to share 'likes' on timeline. If you want to share other Instagram photographs on your timeline automatically then select "share likes to timeline", otherwise turn off this feature.

So, snap away photographs for your business and post, with ease, into your website and business facebook page.  Comment below your favorite photography app for business or other ways to feature your photographs.

Facebook tests "want" button in retail tests. Do you "like" or "dislike" this plan?

Change never comes easy, and when Facebook changes the game many posts appear in rebellion. Hold on tight because here comes another change. Facebook is running a test with retailers to include a 'want' button that allows users to engage with products and share with friends - a wish list of sorts.  The studies go on further to say a 'collect' button may be included which could possibly direct to an e-commerce site allowing users to purchase items directly from facebook.  As of now these 'want' and 'collect' tabs will only be available within facebook. (unlike competitor pinterest social plug in functions - for now at least). While I imagine businesses will accept this change (for the most part) I fear facebook users will rebel in masses.  Is this going too far with over commercialism? Here are a few articles I enjoyed on this topic.

Following pulled from By Alexei Oreskovic- updated 10/8/2012 5:18:09 PM ET

A Facebook spokeswoman said the company does not receive a fee when someone purchases a wishlist item on Facebook from a retailer's site. But Robert W. Baird analyst Colin Sebastian said the new Collections feature could open up new sources of revenue for Facebook, whose stock has taken a drubbing as concerns about its long-term money-making prospects have mounted. "E-commerce is one of the best ways to monetize the Internet," said Sebastian.  Read full article here:

Additional articles:

LinkedIn Introduces Endorsements

With just a few clicks you can now endorse 1st connections.  A much faster way (than recommendations) to support those you have done business with.  Many intend on sending  a recommendation for  colleagues and connections, but just haven’t gotten to it.  Now with endorsements it only takes a few seconds to show your support and appreciation for connections. You may ask “How can this add value?”  (1)  You increase your credibility by having others vouch for you. Sure anyone can list a skill, but do they really have what it takes to own it? Connections verify that “yes” in fact this person is an expert here. (2) It’s also very valuable in building strong connections and allowing potential networking connections to quickly identify your strengths. And (3) Show your appreciation for others with the support of an endorsement. You stand behind them and want to see them succeed. Who wouldn’t be grateful for this? Toot their horn for them so to speak. (They may very well return the favor.)

Here’s how to make an endorsement:

  1.  simply visit your connections profile page and scroll down to Skills
  2. click the plus sign.

That’s it. Since this is a new feature, you will also be prompted to endorse various connections while exploring LinkedIn. Typically this allows only one skill  at a time. Visit your connections profile to endorse many skills at once.

You can also add skills for someone if you’d like. Perhaps you worked with someone, in the past, who had a slightly different skill set than they are showcasing now. If you’d like go ahead and add the skill and endorse.  If they don’t like that you did this (or someone added a skill for you that you don’t want) - simply click on the right arrow next to the skill and select “Hide Endorsement”

Want to know if you’ve been endorsed? Don’t worry, you will receive an e-mail from LinkedIn.  You can also see these in your profile view. Not only will you build credibility for your connection, but notice your profile picture is tagged next to the endorsement.  Perhaps you’ll expand your network and connect with future clients.

P.S. Don’t quote me, but with keyword rankings I wonder if this will effect search engine results with more endorsements. I haven’t found any proof of this but a gal has to wonder.

View this slideshow, from LinkedIn, for more details with visuals.

Pin this! Or maybe not?

I often link to great articles all over the internet. Hubspot is one of my favorites - here is an interesting article from them that might make you think twice who you link from. Pinterest encourages sharing things you like from all across the web.  A website (or their lawyers) might have something to say about it though.