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Facebook Tests 5 Star Ratings

Facebook is testing a new Page feature and displaying stars front and center on Business Pages.  You may have seen it on some of your favorite pages.  Not all facebook users can see this feature and not all pages have stars prominently featured on their page. Who knows the test may not launch fully, but in the meantime Page owners are taking notice. facebook tests 5 star ratings

What we do ‘like’ is that this could be an advantage for small and locally owned businesses. Since many locally owned businesses lack a huge number of likes, this gives visitors an opportunity to see ratings prominently rather than judge by # of fans.  Local and smaller businesses often struggle with increasing ‘likes’.  Small budgets for facebook ad’s, contest apps and marketing dollars to promote their page and increase likes.  We advise our clients to put the focus on their target market and 'real' ‘likes’ and less worry about the number.  Our page and our clients pages have real people that genuinely like our page (and our business). Many have shopped or bought products and services from or plan to.  With a ratings system this may minimize the battle of wanting a higher number over quality followers.  Don't get me wrong...we strive to increase 'likes' and  connect with potential (and current) customers, but it's not our main focus - quality connections over quantity.

What we don’t like is the automatic 3.5 star rating given by facebook when in fact a page has no recommendations yet.  One of our clients has one star rating of 5, yet facebook shows only 4 prominently featured. Another has four 5 star ratings and a 3.5 star featured listing. The star rating should be an actual star rating based on real page recommendations and not randomly given by facebook.  Perhaps this is a glitch in their test and will be fixed. We sure hope so! 

A few other lingering thoughts on the new ratings feature...

  • Will admins be able to ‘hide’ reviews they don’t like once this star rating goes live on all pages? Currently admins can ‘hide’ a non favorable review.
  • Will facebook allow “Reply to” each review and rating?  Owners should be able to thank or defend themselves. It would also be nice if fans could reply to reviews as well. Even the best businesses have an occasional hater out there that keeps posting. Which leads me to my final question...
  • Currently page admins can ‘block’ someone from participating with their page. This is great for disgruntled employees and that ever nagging hater that won’t forgive and move on, or people that haven't even used your products and grumble for odd reasons.   (Two, of our clients, have a few haters that dislike a radio station my clients  advertising on. Will their bad reviews affect the rating even though they've never used these clients products or services?   Will these ‘blocked’ people be removed along with their review? Does this skew results if so?

While we wait and see what Facebook does with the new Ratings test you can do something.   Ask your customers to support your business by making a recommendation on facebook. Also, don’t forget to support your favorite pages by recommending. Don't spend too much time as this could pass in an instant.

No need to protest facebook's Data Use Policy with a copy and paste copyright message on your timeline.

Another hoax makes it's way through facebook and causes an uproar in how your data is used by Facebook. Image Uh oh, here we go again. Facebook updates once again and newsfeeds are full of advice (some misguided) and protests.  On November 21st facebook announced ‘updates to Data Use Policy and Statement of Rights and Responsibilities”.  An e-mail was distributed, from facebook, recommending you to review the policy as well as asking for comments to proposed changes.

Many are now seeing posts to copy and paste a copyright notice on their wall. This hoax makes you think that facebook does not have permission to use anything from your profile without your permission. This is useless and not necessary.  When you initially sign up for facebook you agree to their terms.  Facebook does not own your photos or content, you do however grant facebook permission to use, distribute and share things you post. Read the terms here for full disclosure.  This latest notice (from facebook) has many talking about an invasion of privacy to share information with advertisers, game/app developers and facebook developers. Again, this is nothing new. Anyone with a facebook account agreed to this when they signed up. The notice simply lists updates and tools to make it easier to understand what is being shared and any feedback before the revisions go into effect.

While personally I’m not thrilled with the idea of outsiders accessing my data I understand why, and agreed to it when I opened an account.   While many may not like this you must remember:

1.) facebook is a business (businesses typically have a goal in making a profit) 2.) It’s ‘free’ to use (though it does have a catch and this is part of it)

While agreeably advertisements and game requests are sometimes annoying, especially when we are not used to seeing them (or so many), but on the positive side..the advertisements you see are targeted to you and your interests.  If only television, newspaper, local billboards could target ad’s that only relate to me and my that would be something. You might actually find a few advertisements interesting.

My advice:

1.) Review and customize your privacy settings. Don’t let the default setting make these choices for you. (I will blog my recommendations next, subscribe/or check back). 2.) Think before your post.  Everything you say and do can come back to haunt you. 3.) Accept that facebook is a business, free to use, mainly in part because of the advertisers and developers. 4.) Remind yourself of all of the positive things you enjoy about facebook. Decide if it outweighs the recent change you don’t like. 5.) Be careful what app’s you sign up for as you are further extending your content and data to be shared with them.  (update your app’s in settings from time to time and get rid of the ones you no longer use.) 6.) Select ‘ignore’ for requests to join specific games or app’s that your friends are using

I’m not saying you have to ‘like’ it.  You could take an extreme approach and deactivate or delete your account. (Though you are never fully gone from facebook, remember you posted and shared many things with others and are on their pages.) Be sure and click on ‘help’ from your facebook account if you choose to delete or deactivate.

Links you  might find interesting or useful.

Facebook tests "want" button in retail tests. Do you "like" or "dislike" this plan?

Change never comes easy, and when Facebook changes the game many posts appear in rebellion. Hold on tight because here comes another change. Facebook is running a test with retailers to include a 'want' button that allows users to engage with products and share with friends - a wish list of sorts.  The studies go on further to say a 'collect' button may be included which could possibly direct to an e-commerce site allowing users to purchase items directly from facebook.  As of now these 'want' and 'collect' tabs will only be available within facebook. (unlike competitor pinterest social plug in functions - for now at least). While I imagine businesses will accept this change (for the most part) I fear facebook users will rebel in masses.  Is this going too far with over commercialism? Here are a few articles I enjoyed on this topic.

Following pulled from By Alexei Oreskovic- updated 10/8/2012 5:18:09 PM ET

A Facebook spokeswoman said the company does not receive a fee when someone purchases a wishlist item on Facebook from a retailer's site. But Robert W. Baird analyst Colin Sebastian said the new Collections feature could open up new sources of revenue for Facebook, whose stock has taken a drubbing as concerns about its long-term money-making prospects have mounted. "E-commerce is one of the best ways to monetize the Internet," said Sebastian.  Read full article here:

Additional articles:

How to use Facebook Scheduler.

Those who know me know I'm a multi-tasker and addicted to planning every moment. Scheduling content for myself, and my clients, has been a pleasure and time savvy technique to accomplish more each day.  A few months ago many people were talking about how 3rd party applications (used to plan posts) were suffering from fewer impressions.  This certainly made my job much  more cumbersome, as I manage many social media accounts and scheduling everything in one place sure made my job much easier. Having to go live, in the moment, to schedule many accounts really changed my schedule and made my time less profitable.  (here is a link to one of many articles that confirmed I wasn't crazy - my 3rd party planned posts received fewer impressions : Click here for article  Thankfully - facebook recently unveiled their scheduler!  I still love (and prefer) my other 3rd party application and use it for Twitter, Blog, Linked In, etc., though  my facebook accounts are handled separately.  Today I will show how to use this scheduler. 1. From your facebook Page wall create a 'status update' to begin your post.Image

2. Insert the photo 2nd. (if you try to start with the photo you won't be able to go back and insert status then the forward date.

3. Now select the date you would like to schedule your post. (Notice you can go back in time. Use this for milestone dates you'd like to document)  When you select the year, then month populates, date then hour.

4. Click "Schedule" (notice you can select your audience before this step, by location and language only)

5. That's it for scheduling your posts. Now, let's say you want to go back andImage see what's scheduled, or even change the date/time of a current scheduled post. (this feature was just recently added - as facebook changes daily/hourly, but thankfully this was added as a few weeks ago once your post was planned it disappeared into nowhere for viewing). So, to view your scheduled post. From the admin panel select "Edit Page" then "use activity log".

6. To change a scheduled post simply mouse over the right of the post and you'll see a down arrow appear, click and then you'll be able to "cancel post", "Change Time", or even "Publish Now".

ImageThat's it!  Now you can take a vacation and plan your posts while you are gone, or plan ahead and know your page is being maintained on an ongoing basis while you are  actively working on other aspects of your business!   Happy posting!

Pin this! Or maybe not?

I often link to great articles all over the internet. Hubspot is one of my favorites - here is an interesting article from them that might make you think twice who you link from. Pinterest encourages sharing things you like from all across the web.  A website (or their lawyers) might have something to say about it though.

Are your parents or grandparents on facebook?

Well, if they aren't their friends may very well be. According to a research study by Forrester Research well over halfImage of seniors- that's 60% of seniors, age 65 and over, are online. That's over 20 million in the US alone. You may ask "What are they doing online?" Here are additional details of the report:

  • 49% have a facebook account
  • 59% have purchased products in the last 3 months
  • 24% sign up for coupons or freebies
  • 46% send and receive photos by e-mail
  • 44% play games online

I've heard numerous times from local businesses targeting seniors, "I don't need facebook, my target market is not there". Well, if they want to stay ahead of the competition they'd better take a second look.  This is one of the fastest growing demographics to facebook.

Do you know a senior who you'd like to see enjoy facebook?  We stumbled upon this article and wanted to share. You may want to check with your local library or community center as many offer courses or have staff that are more than happy to assist.

Easy steps on how to teach facebook to Seniors.

Source: Forrester Research