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Looking to build your business, and not much money to invest...

Simply put "Organic Marketing" is "not paying for it".  Organic Marketing is free, and only costs your time. We know it's challenging to market your business and tough to decide where to spend your time and marketing budget.  The good news is there are ways to get your business noticed online that don't cost you anything.  Even in a tough economy a business cannot afford NOT to advertise (not if they want to succeed anyway). We'll share our favorite places and tips to get your business noticed organically.  (If you don't have time consider contacting My Marketing Gals to set up and manage your organic listings for you.) 

"Stopping Advertising to save money is like stopping a clock to save time."  Henry Ford

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is all the buzz in getting your business noticed. Google, Yahoo and Bing are the leading search devices used and the rules in how to increase your rankings change often.   Having your target audience search online (using your industry keywords) and land on your business should be a priority in this internet savvy world we live in.  While there are many ways to increase your SEO my gals love to share free, or 'organic' ways to come up in search engine results.  We have three recommendations to market your business organically.  

 1.) Claim your listings:   There are many places to register your business online. All of these mentioned below are free, though you will be offered the opportunity to upgrade for a fee. .  With many of our clients we advise using the basic 'free' listings, though if you wish to remove advertisements and want to include more logos and photographs then consider the paid levels.  At a minimum, and until your marketing budget increases, we recommend you register at the basic 'free' level to gain your business attention online. While registering be sure you are near a phone and your email as some require e-mail confirmations, phone calls or  even snail mail replies.  Specific trades may have other sources available to them. (search online “register business free advertising” to find more)

Online Directories: 

Social networking: (Here are the big ones. Keep in mind these are "Business" accounts, not the personal side.)

  • Google+
  • YouTube
  • Facebook 
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIN
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest

Keep in mind there are many more online directories and social networking platforms. Your industry may even have a few specifically targeting your audience.  In Indiana many use IndyAList, Angies List,  and Indianapolis On the Cheap to name a few.

2.) Content is king:  Now that you've claimed your listings ensure you are using your keywords in setting up these accounts. In order to be found organically you need to ensure your listings are optimized. Research keywords used in your industry and use throughout your description, products, services, titles, etc. Also, don't just copy and paste the same description.  Search engines frown upon this. Change up the wording and speak to the specific audience within the platform you are working on - in a unique way. Also consider your call to action in each and every post. What is your goal? Engagement? Website clicks? Sign up for e-mail? Recommendations? etc. 

3.) Manage your listings: For maximum results update your listings often. Post updates and provide information your target market finds useful, interesting and informative.  Build trust with your target audience by sharing good advice and industry knowledge in a way that is engaging. Not every listing above requires daily or weekly attention. Pick and choose the platforms that make the most sense for your target audience. 

    • Facebook Page
    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn Personal Profile
    • LinkedIn Company Page
    • Google + (Merge with your Google Places Page)
    • YouTube
    • Pinterest
    • Instagram
    • Blogging

     4.) Measure! Do you know where your customers come from? Use a free Google Analytics account so you can see where  online traffic is coming from. When using coupons or offers use redemption codes.  Track the number of followers, likes, connections, etc. When all else fails. Ask how they found you. If you find one platform performing more than others spend more time there. 

    Be sure and check out our blog as we include specific instructions for registering your business on some of the above mentioned platforms.  Contact My Marketing Gals if you'd like to discuss our services and setting up/managing these accounts on your behalf. 

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